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Welcome to Smithfield Learning Center of Smithfield, PA

Smithfield Learning Center of Smithfield, PA provides high quality state-certified infant and child care, as well as preschool and pre-K services for residents of Smithfield and throughout Fayette County, PA. Our superior day care and educational programs have been well designed to promote the comprehensive intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs of every individual child at each developmental stage. Smithfield Learning Center is a proud Star 4 Level Provider in the Keystone Stars Program.

Providing Quality Child Care & Preschool in Smithfield, PA


Let Us Help Your Toddler Develop Emotionally & Socially

Toddlers at Smithfield Learning Center are given the freedom necessary to begin asserting their independence in a safe manner. Opportunities exist on a daily basis to interact with both their peers and mature adult staff members to learn the vital social skills that are important at this stage.

We help our toddlers learn to deal appropriately with emotions and develop socially acceptable coping skills. Self-esteem and the development of a strong sense of self are encouraged at Smithfield Learning Center. Let us help!

Fun Physical Activity & Intellectual Engagement for Preschoolers

The teachers of Smithfield Learning Center’s preschool program do an outstanding job of assisting our students with the transition from the toddler day care environment to the slightly more rigorous and demanding curriculum of an early learner in our intellectually engaging preschool program.

Music, fun, and plenty of physical activity both indoors and outdoors are utilized to assist our students with mastering the basic concepts of subjects such as math, letter recognition, art, and all of the other important fundamentals of this stage, as well.

We Support Your Infant With a Nurturing, Supportive Environment

Our clean, supportive infant care environment provides the essential nurturing and emotional fortification to encourage our youngest members to gain the trust necessary to begin building secure and healthy human relationships.

We operate our nursing rooms in a very efficient and competent manner to rapidly and hygienically take care of bodily functions to ensure that our infants are comfortable at all times to best focus the majority of our time on helping our babies learn that the world is a good place and that their needs will be met.


Experience a Superior Pre-K Transition With Core Support

When your child is ready to transition to Smithfield’s Pre-K classroom, our staff and teachers will ensure that his needs for both academic and social development are met in all of the core areas that are vital for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

We provide an intensive focus on the promotion of both oral and written language development and literacy, as well as activities designed specifically to advance each student’s development of executive function skills, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical health and development.

In all of our subject areas, we encourage creative expression. We support freeform arts appreciation to the fullest extent. Help your child experience a superior Pre-K transition with Smithfield Learning Center.

Educational Enrichment & Seasonal Fun Make Life Grand!

We provide activities throughout the year and our programs vary according to the season and availability. For the most recent calendar of events, please contact us directly. There is always something fun going on at Smithfield Learning Center. We provide a wide variety of educational enrichment programs for our students and fun seasonal activities throughout the year including:

  • Visits from the Zoo Staff
  • Visits from Special Aviary Guests
  • A Fun-Filled Winter Program
  • A Fall Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
  • Truck & Fire Safety Activities During Fire Safety Week

Caring Professionals Provide Infant & Child Care Services

Contact the caring professionals of Smithfield Learning Center to LEARN MORE about our unmatched infant and child care services, as well as our preschool and pre-K curriculum. We aim to make life grand for our students! Learn more about our programs online and call us for more information. All of our programs were specifically planned and designed to give your child the best possible start in life and are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect the most recent research pertinent to early infant and childhood development.

For more information on any of our infant or child care services
call us today at: (724) 569-0824.