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Quality Care & Education at Smithfield Learning Center

Day Care for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, & Pre-K Children

Smithfield Learning Center provides quality day care and education for your child from infant through pre-K. We serve infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-K children. We are proud to provide the following:

  • Certified Teachers
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Computer Access & Activities
  • Video Camera Monitoring
  • Kindergarten Readiness Programs
  • And a whole lot more!

Certified Teachers Provide High Caliber Results

All of our teachers are state certified according to the Pennsylvania state child care requirements for day care teachers. Our teachers have the education, skills, and experience to provide your child with the early childhood education that he needs to prosper and provide the high caliber results that will help him throughout his life. Our program is a Keystone Stars provider of the highest level. We are proud to be a Star 4 Provider.


Superior Kindergarten Readiness Program for Success

The superior kindergarten readiness program at Smithfield Learning Center will prepare your child for the beginning of his/her successful formal
school education by helping them to:

  • Begin to Understand Cause & Effect Relationships
  • Bounce a Ball
  • Operate Buttons & Zippers
  • Count to Ten
  • Cut With Scissors
  • Follow Rules
  • Identify Groups With the Same Number of Items
  • Identify Some Beginning Word Sounds
  • Learn How to Rhyme
  • Learn How to Share
  • Listen Without Interrupting
  • Manage Bathroom Skills
  • Master Some Basic Gross & Fine Motor Skills
  • Pay Attention to Task
  • Recognize Authority
  • Recognize Basic Shapes
  • Recognize Some Letters of the Alphabet
  • Self Control
  • Sort Objects
  • Speak in Complete, Logical Sentences
  • Start to Process Sight Words
  • Tell Stories
  • Understand General Times of the Day

Choose a Creative Curriculum for Success & Fun

Our curriculum focuses heavily on promoting creativity and fun while learning. We understand that young children learn best from an active, hands-on approach and have designed our curriculum with the educational needs of your child in mind.

Day care providers have used the creative curriculum approach as a teaching strategy across the United States for over 25 years as a powerful and effective means to encourage active learning and measurable developmental progress.

Security & Safety With the Power of Video Camera Monitoring

Smithfield Learning Center maintains the staff-to-infant and staff-to-child ratios as mandated by law to best observe your child and other children at our facility to keep everyone as safe as possible. In addition, we maintain constant video monitoring and recording of all activities within our daycare center.

Contact our friendly staff and allow us to answer your questions or help you sign up for day care services at Smithfield Learning Center. Please call: (724) 569-0824.


Stimulating Technologies & Computer Access Make Learning Exciting

We utilize the most current and stimulating technologies available in our classrooms to ensure that your child gains appropriate exposure to modern computers and equipment. Each child is ensured adequate computer access and activities that enable him to gain the technological skills that are necessary to achieve success in school and in life, while making learning exciting.

Smithfield Learning Center accepts private pay clients as well as subsidized pay clients. We are pleased to accept CCIS to help working income-eligible parents afford our quality day care service. Learn more about CCIS and how to apply by contacting the Fayette County Child Care Information Service. LEARN MORE