infant daycare


Infant Day Care at Smithfield
Learning Center

A Safe, Clean, Secure Environment for Your Baby

Smithfield Learning Center is an exceptional nursing environment that was specifically designed to provide a safe, clean, secure environment for your baby. Our infant center accepts infants from birth to 18 months of age. Cleanliness is a very high priority for our caregivers. To best minimize the spread in any potential infectious agents, we sanitize changing table surfaces after each diaper change as well as disinfect toys and
cribs on a daily basis.

The layout and scheduling system that we have implemented maximizes efficiency of routine care to enable ample time for
fun enrichment activities. Each infant in our care is assigned his own private crib and cubby where his belongings such as clothing, bed linens, food, and bottles are stored securely from other children. Cribs and belongings are never shared between the infants in our care.

Smithfield Learning Center strongly emphasizes the importance of a clean and sanitary environment for our youngest guests. Street shoes are not permitted in our infant center unless covered with sanitary foot covers. We adhere to a regular, hygienic protocol for diaper area disinfection and we securely contain and remove soiled diapers from the general nursing area several times each day.


Our Caregivers are Carefully Screened, Vigilant & Offer Nurturing Love

Our caregivers are very carefully screened and selected based on an extensive process that has been meticulously designed to allow only the finest individuals of the highest integrity and skill level to care for your precious infant. Our caregivers are trained to be vigilant regarding the tremendous responsibility of caring for newborns and infant children. Parents rely on the seriousness with which we approach the care of their infants. Above all, our dedicated staff members offer ample nurturing and love that are the most critical components of caring for your baby.

Each caregiver arrives in clean, colorful clothes each day ready to provide exceptional care for your infant. Smithfield selects caregivers who exhibit naturally warm and affectionate personalities. Years of experience have taught us which types of individuals make the most ideal
caregivers. We provide a clean and comfortable environment for our caregivers and infants to enjoy each others’ company through the day, as well as a well-equipped area of colorful toys and developmental equipment to encourage safe, fun exploration and enrichment.

Music, Exploration & Affection From Dedicated Caregivers

Our daily enrichment schedule for infants focuses heavily on music, exploration, sensory stimulation, and affection from dedicated caregivers who sincerely enjoy caring for and interacting with infants. Our activities goals include strengthening the minds and physical development of our infants, as well as encouraging the creative spirit of childhood to emerge uninhibited.

We take great pride in the quality of children that have developed from spending their days with us at Smithfield and are committed to providing the very best care and character development for your infant, as well. We encourage our breast feeding mothers to visit our clean, private, relaxing nursing area.

Smithfield Learning Center is a premium Keystone Stars provider. We are proud to be a Star 4 Provider (the highest possible star level). We aim to continue to meet and exceed state standards in every way possible. Smithfield Learning Center accepts the CCIS child care subsidy for income-eligible individuals.

Please contact us for additional details about our participation in this program. Our parents confidently recommend Smithfield Learning Center as the ideal care environment for infants and children. To learn more about our exceptional learning center or to schedule a visit, please call: (724) 569-0824.