toddler daycare


Tender Toddler Care at Smithfield
Learning Center

Exploration, Investigation & Discovery for Your
Toddler’s Needs

Smithfield Learning Center’s Toddler Care accepts children from 18 months to three years of age. We understand the needs of this special high-energy group of children. We select caregivers with similar high energy levels and an appreciation for the exploration, investigation, and discovery needs of your toddler child. Our energetic staff members keep up with your toddler and his needs by providing an exciting variety of high energy physical and mental activities that include a strong focus on practicing fine and gross motor skill movements, music appreciation, and toys and guided activities that encourage your toddler’s need to explore and make sense of his world.

Our caregivers encourage your toddler’s irresistible urge for independence at this age by allowing him to walk around and explore while under the safe supervision of our staff. We also encourage peer group play and exploration to help foster social and emotional development.

Exciting Opportunities to Explore Fitness and
Athletic Abilities

Our toddler playrooms are entirely self-contained and include a diaper changing station. The kitchen and food preparation areas are maintained separately. Frequent hand washing is strictly enforced for both our caregivers and toddlers. The Smithfield Learning Center’s outdoor playground is available for use by our toddlers. Exciting opportunities to explore fitness and athletic abilities are available at our well-equipped playground. Toddlers run, jump, climb and play guided and independently at our fun outdoor discovery center.

We allow our toddlers to take a break from all of the intense daily excitement with a relaxing nap accompanied by a soothing back rub and music. Following naptime, playtime again resumes. Our schedule provides varied opportunities for your toddler to participate in activities such as story time, art projects, block and structure building, and play with a wide variety of age appropriate toys provided specifically with your child’s developmental needs, such as motor development, hand eye coordination, and problem solving, in mind.

A Safe Environment Full of Patience, Love &
Social Skills Modeling

Our caregivers ensure that your child experiences a safe, loving environment and that the qualities of patience, empathy, and other appropriate social skills are modeled. Our toddlers grow and develop very quickly at this stage. In some cases, our older toddlers advance to the point that we feel that they can benefit from the additional structure and challenges provided by our preschool classrooms. With your approval, we will gradually transition your older toddler to our preschool classroom so that he can benefit from the additional learning activities and social skills presented in the more advanced classroom.

Smithfield Learning Center is a certified Keystone Stars Star 4 Level Provider (the highest possible star level). We aim to continue to exceed state standards to provide your child with the best care possible. Contact Smithfield Learning Center to learn more about our toddler program or to schedule a visit. Call our friendly staff at: (724) 569-0824.