Choose SLC Preschool for Skill Development & Recreation

Structured Physical, Developmental, Social &
Cognitive Programs

The Smithfield Learning Center (SLC) Preschool Classroom accommodates children from the ages of three to four years old. In special cases, younger children who are more mature for their age or who require additional mental stimulation may be moved from the toddler classroom into the preschool classroom before the age of three. The children in our preschool classroom have met the appropriate social, physical, and emotional milestones required to succeed in this more advanced classroom. Our preschool students can handle potty time independently and are capable of participating in the structured physical, developmental, social, and cognitive programs that our teachers provide.

Our preschool program introduces a basic academic program that is designed to reinforce and challenge the developing verbal and written language skills of our three and four year olds. Our beginner’s academic curriculum includes basic:

  • Art
  • Color & Number Identification
  • Language Skills
  • Letter & Shape Recognition
  • Math
  • Music
  • Physical Fitness
  • Science
  • Social Studies

The arts and crafts program for our preschoolers is more advanced than that of our toddler program. Our teachers regularly read books to our preschoolers. Finger puppet plays and games are also common activities in our preschool classroom.

Is My Child Ready to Transition to Preschool?

If you can answer yes to all or most of the following questions, your child is most likely ready to make the transition to preschool:

  • Is my child potty trained?
  • Can my child listen to and obey simple instructions?
  • Can my child operate the buttons and zippers on clothing?
  • Can my child sit and listen while I read a story?
  • Can my child state his full name, address, and phone #?
  • Can my child stay alert for 4 or more hours without a nap?
  • Does my child behave well when being babysat?
  • Does my child enjoy spending time with other children?
  • Does my child know how to take turns and share toys?
  • Is my child capable of drawing with a crayon or pencil?
  • Is my child comfortable with being away from me?
  • Is my child aware of and sensitive to other children’s feelings?

A certain degree of independence, social skills, and capability of following instruction is necessary for success in the preschool setting. Even if your child hasn’t mastered all of the skills listed above, he may still be a good candidate for the preschool experience. In fact, many children learn best when they witness other children their own age exhibiting age-appropriate behaviors and skills

A Safe, Fun & Educational Experience for Students

Our preschool program is well designed to provide a safe, fun, and educational experience for our students. Our high quality program prepares your child for our more learning-intensive pre-k program and forms a solid foundation for your child to function well in the learning environments that he will encounter throughout life. Our teachers focus on both the intellectual and social development that is critically important at this stage of life. The road to success begins at Smithfield Learning Center.

We are proud to be a certified Keystone Stars participant. Smithfield Learning Center is a Star 4 Level Provider (the highest level of certification possible). Our goal is to continue to excel by offering the highest quality of care available in the state of Pennsylvania.

Contact the staff members of Smithfield Learning Center for more information about our preschool program or any of our other high quality programs for infants to school aged children. Call: (724) 569-0824.